About Us

Canvas Club Tents is a brand of the German Tour Operator Take Memories

Take Memories tailors unique travel experiences and extraordinary events worldwide, serving its exclusive circle of private customers and partners on the highest possible level.

Our Team

Philip Eichkorn
Managing Partner

After completing his vocational training in tourism management at one of the leading German luxury travel organisers, he gathered valuable experience while completing a degree in tourism with an integrated internship in Germany and Finland.

After several years as Sales & Marketing Manager for worldwide largest adventure travel company, he decided to continue his career in the Sultanate of Oman. As Business Development Manager for a DMC, a leader in the German high-end segment, he was responsible for the larger German-speaking market for two years.

After selling his first travel packages at the age of 17 and travelling more than 70 countries, Eichkorn founded Take Memories together with Stefan Ullsperger in 2018. It is his own company for travel design and advising and also represents the interests of the luxury camping company the founders established in Oman, Canvas Club.

Stefan Ullsperger
Managing Partner

He completed his Bachelor and Master in Business at Maastricht University, Rotterdam School of Management, and Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá before choosing a management program lasting several years at the worlds’ largest food producer in Frankfurt.

After several stays abroad, he joined an organiser of travels to luxury boutique hotels as Managing Director, leading the finance and marketing departments for nearly two years.

After spinning off Canvas Club, a luxury brand he developed together with Philip Eichkorn, he founded Take Memories, which is specialized in high-value travel design, consulting, and the representation of travel organisers and hotels in the German-speaking world.

Our Story & Philosophy

The sweltering heat of the day still shimmers in waves on the horizon as the sun slowly fades away encompassing the desert landscape in a fabulous spectacle of red shades.

A handful of Bedouin tents stretch softly along the bottom of a dune where a young Omani is lighting up a campfire as others are busy with last preparations. In the distance a small camel trek is slowly closing in: “The guests are coming”, a voice calls softly. What seems like a scene from long ago in fact belongs to the everyday lives of Stefan and Philip. They sit relaxed in front of a tent, gently sipping Omani tea, peering into the distance and wait for the arrival of the new guests.

The qualities of the vast and empty Wahiba Sands desert still have an almost hypnotic effect on both – absolute silence endless expanse and the star-filled desert night. „If you really want to experience the Orient you need to see the desert,“ says Stefan. Out there in one of the most beautiful sand deserts globally has proven to be the ideal place for such an experience. The Oman is nothing less than a passion for the two Canvas Club founders and their company a declaration of love to the people and the nature of the country. „When I came to Oman six years ago to work in the tourism industry I wanted to experience my own little oriental adventure,“ says Philip about the humble beginnings of the venture.

What he discovered at first was the overwhelming and impressive friendliness of the Omani people. He soon found new friends who invited him to camel expeditions desert crossings and visits to the spectacular oases. His enthusiasm for Oman quickly grew great with these experiences. So great in fact that he tempted Stefan to come to Oman, too. „Because of his stories I traded my job in logistics management in Germany for this one,“ laughs Stefan. „And I have not regretted it for a second!

The magic of the ancient landscapes mesmerizes him ever since. „It is like
returning to the place of human origins. Going into the desert is pure
exhilaration a mental cleansing ritual that opens the senses”, Stefan
says enthusiastically. The idea behind Canvas Club – offering an
authentic desert experience off the beaten track – developed almost
inevitably for the two friends. „The impetus for creating the Canvas
Club was our personal enthusiasm, according to the motto: “Folks you
really need to see this”, reveals Philip. The objective was clear right
from the start – to harmoniously combine traditional Arab culture and
world-class luxury. The logical answer: Glamping!

„Everything we do here is as close to the traditional Omani
Bedouin culture as it can be! Just much more luxurious and in a setting
offering privacy that is in complete harmony with nature and the
desert”, says Stefan. From the arrival by camel to the freshly baked
Omani bread made directly in front of the tent at Canvas Club native
Omanis are completely involved and ensuring the authenticity of the
experience while Philip and Stefan arrange everything else.

„An authentic experience only works if one does not push into another
culture like a foreign body“, emphasizes Stefan. Canvas Club therefore
deliberately focuses on German-Omani teamwork. „In fact we work as
friends“, he adds.

The philosophy of Canvas Club is the fusion of European comfort and
Arab culture. „Where in the world can you enjoy a Bedouin shower and at
the same time marvel at the spectacular star-filled sky,“ says Philip
proudly. This philosophy accompanies all desert camping travelers as
well as those interested in individually tailored tours across the
Orient. „If you come to us you should experience nothing less than your
own little oriental adventure“, says Stefan while setting out to receive
the new guests, „… and take home a once in a lifetime experience that
will remain unforgettable.“