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Air traffic in Oman

Air traffic in Oman is now well developed. The route network is well organized and used by various airlines so that a healthy price competition can take place. The leading airline in Oman, of course, is the state airline “Oman Air” based in Muscat. Thanks to several national and international airports, air traffic in Oman is well organized. The country is easily accessible for both freighters and passenger planes.

Entry opportunities

If you want to travel to Oman, there are three options. You can reach the country on the Persian Gulf on a cruise, cross the border from Dubai by car or bus, or fly from any airport to Oman by plane. The only direct flights from Germany currently are offered by Oman Air, a very good airline that is based on the standards of Etihad and Emirates (two state-owned airlines from the United Arab Emirates).

Omani Airlines

If you want to travel from one end of the country to another in Oman, you can also rely on air traffic. Muscat’s and Salalah‘s airports meet international standards and are considered as international airports for freight and passenger air transport. The smaller airports in Chasab, Duqm, Suhar and Ras al-Hadd are also state of the art in terms of comfort and technology. There are four local airlines ready for air traffic in Oman:
– Air Shabellah – an Omani budget airline that did not start until 2017
– Oman Air – the state airline that has been operating since 1993
– Salalah Air – a second budget airline founded in 2016
– Salam Air – also a low-cost airline, also founded in 2016
The recent establishment of airlines in recent years shows among other things the expansion of airports in the country, the state promotion of air traffic and the willingness of people to switch from means of transport such as buses to planes.

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