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Alcohol in Oman

Dealing with alcohol

Oman is an Arab country. The state religion here is Islam. Although the practice of Islam in Oman is one of the gentlest and least severe in the world, there are still religious rules and customs firmly anchored in the beliefs and thoughts of the people. Alcohol is an intoxicant and indulgence the enjoyment of which is clearly forbidden to Muslims in the Koran. In this respect, it is only understandable that the public consumption of alcohol in Oman is also prohibited by law. But that does not mean that you as a European on vacation completely have to give up alcohol.

Hotel restaurants and licensed restaurants, bars and nightclubs will offer drinks

Almost every hotel restaurant and minibar in your own room you offer alcohol. There are also a number of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where alcohol is also served. These are then certified by the state for the serving of alcoholic beverages. Anyone who wants to drink a beer will come across quite well-known brands. So Amstel, Heineken, Carlsberg or Forster are usually served – even on tap, in sophisticated locations. Please note that when driving a car, you should absolutely adhere to the 0.0 per thousand rule. In an Arab country like Oman, the authorities are not soft on drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. By the way: Alcohol is not served anywhere in Oman during the holy month of fasting Ramadan.

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