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Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort is one of the most important cultural and historical fortresses in Oman and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bahla Fort, also called Hisn Tamah, together with the town of Bahla, is surrounded by a city wall of 13 kilometers and is estimated to have been built in the 17th century. The magnificent high walls and towers are an architectural masterpiece and offer every visitor an extraordinary vista. Together with the three nearby historical fortresses at the foot of the Djebel-Akhdar highlands, the Fortress Hisn Tamah is a fantastic monument.

Bahla Fort can assert itself as a World Heritage Site

Through an extensive restoration using traditional methods, Bahla Fort (Hisn Tamah) was able to counteract the revocation of its status as a World Heritage Site. The beautiful fortress is now one of the most important cultural monuments in Oman and houses a splendid bazaar with an idyllic palm grove behind its towering walls. Stairways, decorated gates and walls in an intertwined labyrinth define the exterior of Bahla Fort. Inside the fortress, you can admire remarkable arches and elegant halls. Bahla Fort is particularly intriguing for the elegant way the sun rays dance through the small windows and create intricate patterns on the symmetrical and luminous walls of the building. If possible, experience the fortress Hisn Tamah in the light of the sunrise or sunset. The wonderful memories will last a lifetime.

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