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Birds in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman does not appear to be a paradise for birds at first sight. The very hot and dry country is however a real “insider tip” for Ornithologists and birdwatchers. The geological diversity and the favorable geographical location are used by many birds as a habitat or as a resting place during their migrations.Over 400 different species of birds can be observed in Oman every year. Almost 80 species are native to Oman and are visible during the entire year, while the main part consists of migratory birds and winter guests. The South-West part of the Arab Peninsula is used by migratory birds as an intermediate stop during their migrations.

In Northern Oman, mainly non-endemic migratory birds can be found, while African migratory birds can be observed in southern Oman.

The best times for bird watching are autumn and spring. For bird enthusiasts, spring is especially interesting, as many species will present themselves in their most colorful plumage which can only be seen during the mating season. Among the best-known bird species in Oman are egrets, gray-headed razorbills, Swinhoe’s Storm Petrels, black-winged buzzards, steppe and shell eagles, Egyptian vultures, imperial eagles and ear-vultures.

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