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Bordering Countries

Oman is a sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula. The borders of the country run partially along the seaside, but also partially along the countryside. Oman shares its border with three neighboring countries: – Saudi Arabia – The United Arab Emirates – Yemen

A country with a calming effect

In terms of geography, Oman is located in the middle of a powder keg that started with the beginning of the Arab Spring and the continuing clashes in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Peace in the neighboring countries of Oman is largely absent. The only exception that consistently radiates peace and prosperity are the United Arab Emirates with Dubai and Abu Dhabi as its driving forces. It is good that Oman has a very defensive and pacific role in this challenging region of the world. Oman has repeatedly acted this way when it came to finding a mediator from the Arab states for peace talks in the region.

No obligation to go near the borders

Oman is comparable in size to the Federal Republic of Germany but has only a fraction of its population. If you visit Oman as a guest, you do not have to come into contact with the border areas of Saudi Arabia or Yemen. A trip to the United Arab Emirates is possible if you are interested in the world of glitz and glamor designed by the sheiks of the Emirates. But that is not necessary, because the wonderful beaches of the Omani sultanate, the small towns and villages, the tent villages of the Bedouins and the oases of Oman provide numerous inviting excursions. Anyone who gets to know Oman and learns to love the people will quickly lose interest in their audacious neighbors who are keen on breaking new world records. They also quickly forget that beyond the well-secured borders of Oman, in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, there are unfortunately governments that are not as pacific and forward-thinking as in Oman.

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