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Communication in Oman

Generally, communication should not be a problem because Oman is very well developed in terms of tourism. But if you come to the country only speaking German, you will have a difficult time. It is much more worthwhile to take a look outside the box and to expand your own language skills with a few phrases. That could also increase the chances of a good trade on the “Souq” (Market in Arabic). Naturally, there are German-speakers who live in Oman: either because they studied in Germany or because relatives once lived in Germany for a while. There are copious possibilities of explaining how a European language came to Oman, but the German language is not one of the languages most commonly spoken in Oman. Arabic is the national language but due to the high level of education, many Omanis also speak English. So if you are competent in English, you will have no problems communicating in the country. Arabic is a very difficult language -, especially for Western Europeans. The people who speak Arabic as a mother tongue know that very well. The locals are all the more pleased when a tourist tries to speak a few phrases in the local language. It does not have to be a big conversation. A simple salutation such as “as salam aleikum” (good day) or “masa ul kher” (good evening) conjures up a smile on the face of the locals, as does “ma’a salam” (farewell). And of course, you should at least remember the simple word “shukran” (thank you) – if you do, some Omani will treat you a little bit more friendly than they would have done otherwise.

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