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Over the past several years, Oman has truly established itself as a major force in tourism in the Middle East. This has been done through consistently developing the country’s infrastructure, introducing and growing the concept of soft tourism and maintaining the unique identity of the Omani state, a process in which the people of Oman play an important role. It is different from countries like the United Arab Emirates, whereas a tourist you can only find a glittering world of superficial reproductions with no cultural identity or originality. In Oman, you can get to know the authentic culture and history of the Omani people. On the whole, the practice of Islam is cosmopolitan and forward-looking here, more than in any other Arab country.
The constant improvement of international accessibility to the country has played a crucial role in this growth because most tourists travel to Oman by plane. The main airports in the country are Salalah Airport and Muscat Airport. Those who are interested in traveling to Oman should educate themselves beforehand about issues such as flight times and possible direct flights. There are not many direct flights to Oman because airlines fly to Oman from Germany only with a stopover. However, those who plan in advance and inform themselves accordingly can use these stopovers to head for two destinations during a holiday.

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