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European Expatriates in Oman

European expatriates who choose Oman are choosing a country that makes it relatively easy for foreign workers and immigrants to reside there. It is a country that has been experiencing a tremendous economic boom for years. This also means that Oman needs large numbers of skilled workers from other countries. Above all, the ever-expanding development of diverse Omani industries is supposed to lead to increased independence from the oil and gas sector and is consistently getting European companies from all of Europe interested in contracts with Oman. The installation and launch of industrial facilities can take several weeks to months.

How does entering Oman work?

Anyone wishing to live in Oman as a European expatriate or just to stay for a while to work for a home-based business or domestic employer definitely needs a passport. How long the passport has to be valid depends on the duration of the planned stay and the type of stay. In addition, a visa is needed for the entire length of your stay. However, a normal tourist visa is valid for a maximum of four weeks. Notwithstanding, there are other alternatives. You can apply for a tourist visa with the possibility of multiple entries within a year. One individual stay may not last longer than four weeks. If you are in the country for work purposes, you need a business visa. Again, options for multiple stays over a period of time are possible. Further information on the various types of visas and passport requirements are available on the website of the Foreign Office.

What should European expatriates expect in Oman?

As a European ex-pat in Oman, it is important to keep to the different principles that simple decorum and modesty dictate. Although Oman is a very progressive country, the state religion is Islam. This implies that the view of what constitutes appropriate clothing may differ from European views. People in Oman often wear modern clothes as well – for instance, there is no need for a veil for women. Nevertheless, care should be taken to cover as much skin as possible. For example, shoulders and knees should never be exposed. In general, Oman is a very cosmopolitan country with Christian churches as well as other religious houses of worship.

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