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Explore Oman with your own guide

For the traveler who prefers an individualized and personalized travel experience, we offer the opportunity to discover Oman as part of a private guided tour. Local guides will escort you on predetermined routes through Oman with the tour language being either English or German. This type of tour is advantageous as it provides the traveler with the deepest insight possible into Omani culture and will allow you to experience the many facets of everyday life in Oman. Another advantage is that the guides can provide each traveler with inspirational “insider tips” to add to their itinerary that they would never have discovered on their own. For those in need of the smoothest organization possible and maximum comfort, private guided tours through Oman are highly recommended. English and German-speaking guides are always available and can be booked year-round, with the latter being a bit more expensive due to the more limited number.

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