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How to get to Oman


The easiest way to get to Oman is by plane and there are several airlines available. The best airlines are Oman Air, Emirates and Etihad. However, the only airline that currently still offers non-stop flights from Germany to Oman is Oman Air; other airlines like Emirates and Etihad make stopovers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively. There are also other airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Swiss or British Airways that fly from German airports to Oman. Thanks to excellent infrastructure, traveling by car inside the country is also easily doable. You can also travel to Oman by car – for example, if you want to make a detour to Oman for a few days from a holiday destination in the United Arab Emirates. However, anyone who rents a rental car for this purpose in the United Arab Emirates should make sure that when booking the rental car, the liability insurance is also valid for foreign countries; otherwise, there might be insurance issues during your stay in Oman.

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