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Infrastructure in Oman

In recent decades, infrastructure improvement in Oman is one of the areas that has led to the exceptional economic growth and recovery of the country. Oman’s economic development is in step with that of other countries who benefitted from oil discoveries in the Persian Gulf. In particular, the United Arab Emirates are the most comparable; only with one significant difference: while each emirate is a small country in and of itself, Oman’s size is almost equal to that of the Federal Republic of Germany. Building a functioning infrastructure with roads, railways, and a public transportation system has been an enormous project. In recent decades, air travel has also been increased and developed. But in order to bring about an economic miracle in the large gulf state, it was first necessary to build pipelines and ports to transport the oil and gas abroad. This is because the ports of Oman were not really suitable for a large and modern foreign trade before the oil discoveries. A lot of work has been done in this country in all of these areas.

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