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Muscat International Airport

Muscat International Airport (IATA-Code: MCT) is located in Seeb a few kilometers outside of the capital and was called Seeb International Airport until 2008. But since the name of the capital has long ceased to refer to only the city itself, it now includes the entire capital region of Muscat. Therefore, it is only logical that the airport was renamed accordingly. Muscat International Airport is the main airport in Oman, not only because it is close to the capital but because the largest amount of passengers travel through it each year. This airport is also the main hub for international flights to and from Oman.

From a regional airport to an international airport

When Sultan Qaboos took the helm of the country nearly fifty years ago and the first oil deposits had just been discovered, international connections via airports were almost unthinkable. Appropriate infrastructure did not exist or barely existed. In the first years of the new sultan’s government, much of the revenue from the sale of oil was invested in creating such infrastructure networks. That is another reason why Muscat airport was put into operation in 1972, though at that time, it was still geared towards few travelers and the export and import of goods. In the meantime, the airport has been expanded several times and can now compete with other medium-sized airports internationally.

Latest developments at the airport of Muscat

In late 2014, a new runway was completed to ensure that the Airbus A380 could land in Muscat. Most recently, at the beginning of 2018, a new terminal was constructed. Therefore, the capacity of the airport has now increased to 20 million passengers a year. Additionally, the international airline “Oman Air” and low-cost carrier “Salam Air” also use Muscat airport. It serves as their home base and as a hub for their flights from Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

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