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Muttrah Fish Market

Those who like to go on early morning explorations will be thrilled by the lively bustle of the Muttrah Fish Market. The fish market of Muttrah is one of the largest and most beautiful markets in the Muscat Governate. Until the 19th century, the small neighboring town of Muttrah found itself in the shadow of Muscat City, the main metropolis. After the decline of Oman’s international trade relations, Muttrah regained its importance as a commercial port city. With the modernization of the port, Muttrah has even become the commercial capital of the country.

Muttrah Fish Market, a gathering place for explorers

You can exquisitely enjoy the authentic tradition Muttrah has successfully preserved when visiting the fish market. Here, you will find an oriental flair not found in the metropolis of Muscat. Because the fish market borders the beautiful coastline and beachfront of Muttrah and Muscat, you can admire the small fishing boats from which the Omanis sell their freshly caught fish in the early morning. The selection is vast. Sardines, magnificent tunas, giant prawns and the nationally popular king mackerel are exuberantly advertised by the fishermen. The Omanis place great value on their important historical traditions. Accordingly, only their countrymen are allowed to process and sell the fish at the market. Local women tend not to enter the fish trade, leaving their husbands to the business of fish mongering at the renowned fish market. Invigorate your senses and relish the lively hustle and bustle of the small market streets in this place. At this iconic market, you will experience the friendly welcoming culture of traditional Omani life.

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