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There are more than 100,000 people living in the Nizwa region. They live in about 40 villages and oases. The city of Nizwa, for example, is most certainly one of the most fascinating places in Oman to visit. The city’s architecturally unique Fort, lush green gardens and expansive palm groves give it a distinctive and genuine charm and character. The oasis itself is deeply steeped in history – especially in the 17th century when Nizwa was a thriving religious, philosophical, commercial and artistic hub. The City Market of Nizwa and various other attractions captivate many visitors as they navigate the modern experiences and traditional ambiance that flows seamlessly through the city. The superbly restored facades of old buildings and houses transport the visitor to the pages of One Thousand and One Nights and bring to life the tales as you walk through the city. Another unique aspect of the city is its local silversmith’s craft. For those who appreciate the art of smithing silver, Nizwa is something of a silver capital. In the markets and shops of the city, you can also find the special and unique traditional Omani Rosewater and also the traditional Omani Khanjar (Daggers). From Nizwa, you can make various trips to popular destinations around the region. For example, Jabrin Castle and Fort Hisn Tamah near the city of Balah are definitely worth visits.

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