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Public Transport in Oman

Public transport in Oman is different than in Germany, for example. Only in the capital city, there is an extensive bus network. Otherwise, public transport consists of taxis – white vehicles with taxi signs on the roof that are hard to miss which can be found everywhere. If you want to travel back and forth between individual cities in Oman, you can choose between the airplane and the long-distance bus – there is currently no railway line.

Taxis – the most important public transport in the cities

Only in Muscat, you can call a phone number to order a taxi. In the other Omani cities, you have to look for taxis. That is not hard, because they drive around the city. You either stop a taxi or you go directly to one of the taxi stands that can be found everywhere in the cities and take a taxi there. Unlike in other Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, for example, there are hardly any taximeters in taxis in Oman. The fare must, therefore, be negotiated. The agreement on the price should be made before the start of the journey to avoid a rude awakening upon arrival. Although taxi fares in Oman are often higher than in other Arab countries, they are still well below the rates paid in Germany for using a taxi.

The long-distance bus – the means of transport for overland trips

Many Omanis have switched to their own car or air traffic for travel in the country in recent years. Well-developed airports and a good road network which also reaches the remote corners of the country make this possible. But those who do not want to use the comparatively expensive domestic flights and do not have their own vehicle still use the intercity bus. The advantage here is that these express buses include a high level of comfort. Air conditioning and the ability to pass the time watching movies are among the benefits of the intercity bus.

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