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Day 1. | Arrival in Dubai

Upon arrival at the Dubai airport, you will be transported to the Four Seasons Jumeirah hotel, where you will spend the next three nights. The luxury hotel has its own beach and is located near the center of Dubai. Enjoy unobstructed sea vistas and the many other luxurious amenities that the hotel has to offer.

Hotel: Dubai – One & Only Royal Mirage

Day 2. | Dubai City Tour

Today you will discover the sights of Dubai.  The city is often referred to as a, 'City in Transition' and characterized by its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere. The mingling of traditional Arabic culture with modern architecture and industry captivates every visitor. Begin with a drive along the lush palm-tree archipelago streets of The Palm Jumeirah. Get your camera ready to shoot unique photos of the Burj Al Arab. Continue to the Jumeirah Mosque and admire the lavishly designed interior. At the mosque will learn fascinating facts about the Islamic culture of the city. The highlight of the day is the visiting the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.  Afterwards, take a walk through the traditional souks in the downtown area. Before returning to the hotel take a short visit and explore the Dubai Museum at Al-Fahidi Fort.

Hotel: Dubai – One & Only Royal Mirage

Day 3. | Dubai „on your own“

Today your schedule is entirely up to you, a day of leisure. You can explore Dubai on your own or relax at the hotel.  We will share with you tips on local must-see hotspots that you can access on your own.

Hotel: Dubai – One & Only Royal Mirage

Day 4. | The Sultanate of Oman

In the early afternoon you fly today to Muscat, the capital of Oman. At the airport you'll be greeted by our colleagues at the Primeclass Lounge. They will take care of your immigration and entry procedures while you recover from your flight. Upon leaving the airport, your person driver will take you to the hotel. On the way there, you can make a stop at the scenic Oasis Birkat al Mauz. At this amazing site, you can explore the city center, admire the date plantations and ancient mud brick houses, and visit the famous UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of the Omani Falaj water channels.

From there you continue to your hotel, the Anantara Al Jabal al Akhdar. It is located over 2,000 meters above sea level, making it the highest hotel in the Arabian Peninsula. Because of its location in this pristine region, the hotel places a special focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Relax in this secluded spot in total tranquility and enjoy its awe-inspiring vistas.

Hotel: Jebel Al Akhdar – Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Day 5. | The Green Mountain

Today will be the perfect day for a trip of discovery through the mountainous region. The Jabal Akhdar region („green mountain“ in English) is one of the most fertile in the country and looks especially lush and green in the winter months. Here, on the remarkable terraced fields you will find delicious pomegranates, apricots, almonds, walnuts, grapes growing, as well roses, from which the renowned Jabal Akhdar rose water is distilled.

In the afternoon we recommend a detour to the former capital, Nizwa. Begin by exploring the traditional souks known for their excellent silverware and pottery. Then climb the fort’s tower, where you will have a wonderful view of the city and the neighboring mountains.
Upon your return, you ascend back up the mountain just in time to catch the sunset from your private balcony!

Hotel: Jabal Al Akhdar – Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Day 6. | Oman's Mountains

The region has ideal conditions for hiking, mountain biking or enjoying a relaxing day with breathtaking views. Be sure to try the excellent spa area and infinity pool on the hotel's terrace. Likewise, further sightseeing adventures in the region are possible for the day.

Hotel: Jabal Al Akhdar – Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Day 7. | From the Mountains to the Desert

Today you leave the wonderful mountain world of Oman and make your way to the desert.

Before entering the desert, you will make a stop in Mudayrib. The lively market place with its historic houses and beautifully crafted wooden doors (some of which are from Zanzibar) are especially worth seeing. This village offers a particularly genuine insight into the life of the locals.

You will be captivated by a ride through the breathtaking dunes of the Wahiba Desert. The changing color of the sand throughout the day is a particularly magnificent sight. In the morning it appears white and then ocher in the afternoon; as the afternoon turns to evening the sand becomes a stunning shade close to red. At the end of the afternoon’s journey through the dunes, you will reach the spot where camels are waiting for you. These camels will transport you on an impressive sunset ride to your evening’s accommodation, approximately 40 kilometers from the main trail.  Exclusively for you, a Canvas Club Private Camp will be constructed in the desert where you can enjoy absolute tranquility far away from civilization in a unique atmosphere!

Hotel: Wahiba-Desert – Canvas Club Glamping

Day 8. | Wadis and the Coast

Spend the morning in the wonderful Wadi Bani Khalid – one of the most beautiful and famous wadis in the country. Throughout the year, the riverbed carries water to its large turquoise filled pools. You will have time to refresh yourself in the inviting pristine pools and go for small hikes in the area as well.

Afterwards, the journey continues to the port city of Sur, where you will visit a dhow shipyard after a short city tour. Then you will return to the coastal road back towards Muscat. Traveling along the eastern Hadjar Mountains you will reach the famous wadis of Tiwi and Shab, two of the most alluring wadis in the country.

In the early evening you arrive in Muscat, where you spend the night in the renowned Chedi. As one of the finest properties in Oman, The Chedi is famous for its minimalist design, world-class food and excellent spa.

Hotel: Muscat – The Chedi Muscat 

Day 9 & 10. | Discover Muscat & Ma’a As-Salama!

Together with your private Omani tour guide you will explore the capital Muscat. In addition to the Grand Mosque, the Opera House and the Fish Market, you will also visit a traditional Souk and the Historic City Center, along with the new National Museum, where you can admire art and cultural treasures of the past. This final exploration of Muscat will complete your glimpse into the Omani culture and way of life.

Übernachtung: Muscat – The Chedi Muscat

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