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The fjords in the north, deserts, and wadis near Muscat and the still untouched beauty in Salalah’s south, make Oman more diverse than any other country in the Orient. The following four multi-stop journeys are intended to give you some first impressions of a possible itinerary, which we will then tailor to your individual wishes and select the best accommodation for you. Our team has lived in Oman for several years and is happy to personally advise you.



Sample multi-stop journeys10Days
Jewels of the Middle East

Experience two highlights of the Arabian Peninsula at once during this 12 day trip: Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the Sultanate of Oman. Immerse yourself in a world where modernity, tradition and originality coexist directly. Your unforgettable holiday begins in Dubai, the overwhelming cosmopolitan city that casts its spell over every visitor. From there you will travel to the Sultanate of Oman, where you will directly experience the beautiful nature of the country.

Sample multi-stop journeys12Days
On Sinbad’s tracks – Oman’s highlights

Follow the traces of Sinbad on this 12-day trip. Explore the most impressive facets of Oman, from the city to the mountains, through the desert and across the Persian Gulf to lonely beaches. Let this beautiful country work its magic. 

Sample multi-stop journeys12Days
From Muscat to Salalah in the Green South

Muscat, the modern capital, the breathtaking Hadjar Mountains, the endless Wahiba Desert, and the Arabian Sea - all this is Oman, a country as multifaceted as hardly any other. On this 14-day trip you will discover Oman and immerse yourself completely in the country's culture.

In Muscat you can experience the Omani culture up close, whether you visit the mosque or the traditional souk. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you will continue your journey to the untouched Hadjar Mountains. The breathtaking mountain world of Oman is suitable for both relaxation and real adventure. For a unique experience, we invite you to spend an exclusive night in one of our luxury campsites in the Wahiba Desert, far away from any civilization. To round off this impressive trip, you will fly to Salalah, in the south of Oman. There you can spend the last few days swimming and relaxing by the ocean and reminiscing about this memorable trip.

This trip can be done "on your own" with a rental car or with a private driver or guide. As Oman experts, we look forward to planning this adventure with you and to tailoring it to your individual wishes

Sample multi-stop journeys12Days
Mountains, Beach and Desert Luxury

On this 12-day trip through the Sultanate, you will discover the extraordinarily diverse landscape of Oman in all its facets. From the lively capital Muscat to breathtaking gorges in the Jebel Akhdar Mountains, to the complete silence in the Wahiba Desert, everything is included.

Needless to say, we will be happy to tailor your trip to your personal ideas and wishes. We love Oman and can arrange all services from A to Z, which includes everything from air tickets to accommodation, from guided tours to self-drive trips, and more.



Travel Information for Multi-Stop Journeys

Evergreen wadis with crystal-clear water, mountains up to 3,000 m high, the largest continuous sandy desert on earth as well as friendly and warm-hearted inhabitants: Oman is an oasis in the Orient that you should visit right now! Charming houses, traditional markets, and modern Arab culture instead of skyscrapers and bed castles. Oman inspires with authenticity and scenic diversity. The country has been voted one of the 12 safest destinations in the world three times in a row, the infrastructure is excellent and self-drive trips are easily possible and absolutely recommendable with our help and prearrangements. Our team has lived in Oman for more than ten years, travels the country continuously and knows all the highlights, accommodation (from the guesthouse to resort), and insider tips (from restaurants to viewpoints which are not included in any travel guide) personally.

Multi-Stop Self-Drive Journey

Nowadays the roads in Oman are very well developed therefore you can explore the country by yourself with a rental car without any problems. Even the coastal stretch from Muscat to Salalah (more than 1200km and an absolute insider tip!) can be driven continuously on asphalt roads.
Also, off-road enthusiasts get their money’s worth on our wadi crossings and routes around the mountains of Jebel Sham (3,028m) and Jebel Akhdar (2,988m). We plan and arrange every self-drive tour and multi-stop itinerary with a detailed program, map material, and a 4WD Landcruiser with GPS.

Multi-Stop Journey with a Private Guide

We have a team of experienced Omani guides that we have all known personally for several years. To get to know the culture of the country and the warmth of the Omanis, Omani guides are used on all our tours through Oman. Depending on your preferences and the focus of your trip (culture, hikes, family) we will personally allocate the most suitable guide and discuss the details of your tailor-made journey beforehand in order to arrange all the details and wishes.

Multi-Stop Journey in a Small Group of Maximum 12 Guests

We have put together a group trip through Oman that does not disregard any individual, private trip. The tour is done in 4WD jeeps without buses or minibuses, therefore none of the scenic highlights (desert, oases, offroad roads) have to be missed.
In order to keep the group manageable and to be able to meet the needs of everyone, we limit the number of departures to a maximum of 12 people per month. Each tour is guaranteed to be carried out with a minimum of 2 people and there is always a German-speaking guide with you.

No matter what kind of trip you have in mind and whether by jeep, guide, camel or dhow boat, we are happy to be there for you and create a tailor-made proposal for Oman as it really is: authentic, diverse and full of excitement!

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