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Security in Oman

Nowadays, safety is a big issue when you set off to spend a holiday in an Arab country. The area seems to have become too turbulent for many travelers in recent years – too often, one hears of attacks, criminal attacks, kidnappings and the like. The good news first: Travelers in Oman should not expect such dangers. Oman is considered the most peaceful and secure country in the entire Arab world. Crime against foreigners is almost unheard of there. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Oman to experience a pleasant and safe stay there.

General information regarding international security in Oman

International travelers are always welcome in Oman. However, as in all other countries worldwide, one should show respect for the local culture and religious customs. In Oman, these customs are much less strictly enforced or less stringent for guests than in other Arab countries. But a certain basic respect for Muslim values is necessary for a holiday here. Oman is a fairly large country – comparable in size to Germany but much less densely populated. As a result, there often is no one in sight for hours on overland trips. Due to the turbulent situation in neighboring Yemen, it is recommended to avoid desert trips in small groups near the border with Yemen. In addition, police and military checkpoints throughout the country are to be expected, where drivers’ licenses and papers are checked. However, the officials here are very friendly and eager to treat tourists very courteously.

Crime is not tolerated in Oman – not even by international travelers

Drug offenses and other criminal offenses are prosecuted comparatively severely in Oman, as in the entire Arab world. Those who carry prescription medications such as analgesics, antidepressants or other medications that may cause mind-altering effects should have a multilingual medical certificate. The fact that Oman rigorously opposes crime has led it to become the safest among the Arab states by far, especially for foreign travelers, in recent years. In this context, the travel recommendations of the Foreign Office are always helpful, which can be found on the official website.

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