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Self-Drive Trips in Oman

Oman is an ideally suited destination for travelers who want to rent a car and explore the country on their own using its well-developed, modern and safe network of roads and highways. Due to vehicle specification requirements determined by the specific terrain of the destination, holidaymakers are advised to clarify which parts of the country they wish to visit at an early stage. If the client’s “wish list” includes excursions into the mountains, visits to oases or even driving in the desert, an all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle with sufficient ground clearance is an absolute requirement. However, even with a suitable off-road vehicle, we strongly advise our clients not to attempt to explore the deserts without a local guide. This is due to the extremely loose and shifting desert sands of Oman and the demanding conditions of the desert which are only possible to navigate safely if you are familiar with them. Driving here requires first-hand experience and expertise.

Rental vehicles are basically always available year-round in Oman with the exception of the summer months in the southern coastal regions of the country. Due to increased demand, there may be occasional bottlenecks in availability, so if you are planning on traveling to southern Oman, it is advisable to reserve a rental car at the earliest date possible to ensure availability.

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