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Travel Preparation Oman

Every year, Oman attracts a large number of tourists from all over Europe and from different Arab countries. It is no wonder because Oman captivates tourists with a profoundly interesting culture, a connection to the country’s rich historical past, great hotels and extremely hospitable people. Unlike in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab regions, you can find an intimate closeness to the authentic original Arabia in Oman. Due to the security situation in some of the other Arab countries, the number of options of Islamic regions to travel to without concern has shrunk in recent years. In contrast, Oman is definitely one of the safest countries in this part of the world. However, as always when you come to a foreign country with a different culture, you should prepare yourself for certain issues and get sufficient information regarding the country and its people. This includes information on topics such as alcohol in Oman, medical care, or opportunities for communication. Additionally, one should be informed about other important travel-related issues in advance of travelling to Oman, like the fact that it has a different currency and how this relates to European currency, the types of European visa required when travelling as well as necessary and recommended vaccinations. In this section, you will learn about the most important elements and how to best prepare for your stay in Oman.

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