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The climate in the Omani Hadjar Mountains differs significantly from the rest of the country. It is much cooler overall, which is mainly due to the high altitude of the region. On average, the tourist destinations of this mountain region are located at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters. In the peak season between October and April, it can be very cold. During the day, temperatures rarely reach more than 20°C, and at night, the thermometer sometimes shows less than 10°C. An unexpected sight for a desert region are the snow-capped peaks of Hadjar, something which is not uncommon.

Geographically, the Al Hajar Mountains form a natural barrier between the coastal and desert regions of Oman. On the coastal slopes and the central plateaus, occasional rainfalls. When touring this region, it is therefore recommended to wear warm clothing. Even in the summer months, the temperatures here barely reach more than 30° C, which is real cool compared to the rest of Oman. Wind does not play a very large role, however, this usually remains quite cool.

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