Mountains of Musandam

The coast of Musandam owes its characteristic appearance to the towering calcareous sandstone mountains located in that region. No other region in Oman is as untouched, unspoiled and pristine as the mountains in Musandam. Anyone who sets off to explore this mountain world will discover steep slopes, breathtaking gorges, fantastic small beaches and spectacular cliffs. The whole area is garnished with a few hotels in the mountainous region which offer not only an excellent adventure vacation but also a wide range of options for families.

Driving through the mountains – driving from Khasab to Ras al Kaimah

If you want to explore the mountains by car, there is a lot to discover on the 70-kilometer stretch from Khasab to Ras al Kaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The areas in which the mountain road becomes a coastal road are especially beautiful, particularly when it runs directly along the edge of the cliff that steeply leads downhill to the side of the road into the sea. From here, you have unique views of secluded coves and beautiful beaches nestled close to the rocky coast and seemingly only accessible by boat.

The As Sayh Plateau – a little paradise in the mountains of Musandam

If you want to go on a quest to find your own paradise in the mountains of Mussandam, then a drive from Khasab to the Jebel Harim is recommended. The highest mountain in the mountain region in Mussandam is 2,087 meters high. But at a height of 1,100 meters, the visitor can expect a real surprise. About 15 kilometers from the summit of the Jebel Harim, one arrives on a paradisiacal plateau – the As Sayh Plateau. In the midst of the jagged mountains of the Jebel Harim, the green expanse of date palms and almond trees seems strangely surreal. The plateau is populated mainly by goats, which satisfy their hunger on the lush meadows of the plateau. At 1,600 meters altitude, however, there is a limit – military restricted area begins. But the view from up here is also worth a drive into the mountain region.

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