Wadi Shab

Not far from theWadi Tiwi, hikers can explore the enchanting Wadi Shab. Wadi Shab offers sports- and nature-loving tourists everything their heart desires. The breathtaking rocks and beautiful waterfalls in the midst of a green and palm-fringed landscape impress every visitor.
After a twenty-minute hike on a fifteen-kilometer stretch, you will reach snow-white cliffs dotted with crevices and caves. A turquoise-blue brook supplies small settlements and orchards with fresh water and then flows into fantastic waterfalls. After an hour’s walk, you can then relax in a basin of crystal clear mountain water and enjoy a refreshing swim behind the hills. Brave adventurers can explore hidden caves behind the pools by swimming. The Wadi Shab belongs to a fishing village of the same name, which over time has merged with the neighboring settlement Tiwi. Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab are popular destinations that can be explored on a common route. The two paradisiacal wadis Shab and Tiwi are located on the Omani coastal road from Muscat to Sur in the Sharqiyah region. Both wadis were devastated by the destructive cyclone that reached Oman in 2007. However, nature has repaired most of the damage in the wadis and both valleys are restored to their original scenic beauty.

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