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Wadi Tiwi

If you explore Oman from the coastal roads, your path will always be marked by one of the country’s characteristic natural attractions. Wadis dried up rivers that flow into the sea, extending all along the coastline. These valleys are home to breathtaking flora and fauna and look like dreamy oases.
The Wadi al Tiwi (also Wadi Tiwi) is located only 3 km from the city of the same name. The Wadi Tiwi is densely overgrown and its magnificent mountain formations stand in fascinating contrast to its graceful vegetation. On this stretch of about 10 kilometers, you can explore the palm-rich wadi from above and get a great view of the stunning area. There are even some small villages located in Wadi al Tiwi; they line up along the rocky track, reminiscent of a delicate string of pearls that surrounds the neck of the wadis. In addition to palm trees and shrubs, Wadi Tiwi is also home to banana palms, mango and fig trees, with small birds and butterflies nestling among their branches. Wadi al Tiwi invites you to relax and dream.

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