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Wildlife in Oman

The wildlife of the Omani Sultanate is incredibly diverse and includes rare species that exist only on the Arabian Peninsula. The country’s unique geography makes it home to a wide variety of animal species. Despite the typically hot and extremely arid climate, there are distinctive habitats in the deserts, mountains, valleys, coastal plains and ocean areas.

The most well-known animals include dromedaries, Oryx antelopes, dolphins, sea turtles, Arabian leopards, Arabian horses, and humpback whales.

However, it is not just the famous animal species that define the local fauna. There are for example over 500 bird species in the country. What’s more, due to the hot climate, Oman is home to more than 60 native reptile species. Marine life on the coasts and in the sea is also remarkably varied. Insects such as beetles, spiders or butterflies can be found throughout the country.

The largest population of domestic animals by far are goats. Today, they are primarily used as a source of meat and are indispensable animals for the nomad populations. Sheep are also widespread in Oman.

Since taking office in the 1970s, Sultan Qaboos has supported animal welfare and initiated many projects and measures for the conservation of rare animals.

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